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ALUMNI & STUDENTS Forum: Useful advices by entering Russian market

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Alumni Club of the FELU and Club Š.E.F., on December 17th, 2012 organized an extraordinary event on the topic: „How to do business in Russian Federation?“.

The most significant guests were: Saša Geržina, the president of the Russian – Slovene community, who is also a member of the Alumni Club of FELU, h.E. PhD Doku Zavgajev, the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Republic of Slovenia and Janez Škrabec, director of the Riko d.o.o. company.

The event was opened by Irina Guščina, an artist performer from a recognized Russian Academy and together with her talented daughter, these two ladies have performed a wonderful Russian song „Ivuški“.

„We need more contacts which will be useful for the students, education and internships.“

Afterwards, the time came for the speech of the Russian ambassador in Republic of Slovenia. The main accent was on the successful cooperation between these two countries, Republic of Slovenia and Russian Federation, as well as the plans for future, which are quiet optimistic, according to h. E. PhD Doku Zavgajev’s predictions: „ Russian – Slovenian cooperation was successful so far, in all areas, which is mainly because, there were implemented successful contract and legal options. In recent years, these two economies have faced a 30 per cent economic growth and the trade amounts of $1,6.“

Since it was a lot of talk about South stream lately, all the present were curious how it shows with the current project and its realization. H.E. PhD. Zavgajev expressed optimism in this area as well and told that it is a very big project, which should bring many new jobs, new production technologies and ultimately, contribute about $ 160 million to the Slovenian budget.

“Slovenia has recognized and identified Russia as an important strategic alliance after twenty five years.”

Sasa Geržina expressed concern for the future about the Slovenian economy and the fact that at very high political level, any potential market is still not well utilized. And by going the opposite – the collapse of large Slovenian companies is the fact. The upcoming fresh foreign capital could restart our economy and contribute to the improvement of the situation within the real sector. In doing so, we should also search for the business partners in the Russian Federation, as we have lots of possitive experiences when performing with Russians. As one of the arguments Geržina states: “The Russians were always cooperative with Slovenes. Yugoslav partners have been very privileged for many years in the Russian market, we had a kliring change, which operated, at that time very successfully. Industries in which the  partners from Russia is currently present in Slovenia are mainly iron, energy and banking. “

“… I promise you tears and sweat, not milk and honey.”

Director of Riko d.o.o., Janez Škrabec shared with the attendants some of the key steps and anecdotes that have brought him to a successful business and customer focus to the Russian market. Some of this success was well-deserved by his father, a company founder, which had been doing a lot of business with the Russian Federation and was the most important individualn in his life that  has  shown him the main note of this extremely rich culture. When asked how to start doing business in Russia Škrabec said: “If you choose from the emerging markets, BRIC countries, you go for Russia! There, Slovenes will always have a higher starting base than in any other of these countries. Personally, I am successful because I have been present there for 20 years, for that reason it might be unreasonable to expect quick success on this market. Fresh joiners that would like to be active in Russia, I friendly advise to stick to us, the big ones. In addition, it is important for you to find a local partner in Russia, trustworthy, a man who will help your entry this giant market. “

“The Faculty of Economics brings me good memories. I decided to study economics because that was,  among all the other facuIties, one that smelled the most of money. “

At the end of the event, all the attendants had an oportunity to taste a glass of champagne Istenič in a very relaxed atmosphere. Exclusively for EFnews, some of the participants said about their impressions:

“The event was extremely interesting, because I wanted to learn a little bit more about the Russian market for a quiet long time. I have missed a few more practical tips to us – young people that might be useful for the future,” said Lucijan Ratajc, postgraduate student at the Faculty of Economics.

“This event has definitely fulfilled my expectations, very commendable and encouraging. Special mention goes to organizers, who made the excellent atmosphere and successfully organized the event. I hope that ALUMNI Forum is going to organize more similar events in the future, such was this now and as well as “How to do business with India”. Such discussions Slovenia definitely needs because the international trade is crucial for our economy. I came here mainly because of the business opportunities and in order to learn something more about the foreign markets through the  other business stories” told us Igor Šimac, BSc. economist and member of the Alumni Club of the FELU.

“ALUMNI Forum has definitely met my expectations. Guests gave us a practical look at the Russian market. In short, Russia as a country itself is very interesting and I also see a business potential on that market,” he said for EFnews, Tilen Sovič, postgraduate student at the FELU.

Iskra Tanjga, EFnews

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