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Contemporary challenges of family busines, ALUMNI and FBN Adria forum

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»An entrepreneur is the only free man, because he only  has to respond to himself.«

This first year’s ALUMNI forum took place at a different location this  time;  Alumni members have gathered on Thursday, the 10th of January, in the Plaza hotel, as a response to an invitation of Alumni club in cooperation with FBN Adria (Familly business network Adria) and Zlatarna Celje.

The guests of the round table, who were moderated under Mateja Veselica, were Lučka Klanšek, co-owner of the company E4B in New York, Branko Roglić, owner of the international company orbico and brothers Filip and Jure Remškar, who are the representatives of the second generation of company SmartCom.

Through the whole round table guests were sharing their experience of starting their family business and their experience in this kind of business. They were debating about the challenges and barriers nowadays entrepreneurs are facing within the Slovenian and international environment. They also emphasized the importance of the entrepreneurship in the economy.

 »The progress is in creativity and further developing.«

The round table was opened by Lučka Klanšek, who has many experiences by doing business in Slovenia and at the American market. On the question what are contemporary trends of family business she commented:«Entrepreneurs are a so called »one man band« today , who deliver their wish for creating to their children.« Klanšek described entrepeneurships for EFnews as gears of the world, development, economy and wealth. She commented on the Slovenian disinclined market for entrepreneurship as: «In Slovenia people should start to raise entrepreneurs and help them to develop and become stars. Slovenian mentality should be changed; people should respect entrepreneurs.«  Klanšek’s formula of success is creativity and further developing.

 »You are the future and lighthouse of homeland.«

Croatian entrepreneur Branko Roglić presented the meaning of the entrepreneurship: «You are the future and the lighthouse of homeland. Your ideas should lead the economy, because ideas are leading the world.« And added:«An entrepreneur is the only free man, because he only has to respond to himself.« On the round table he presented his successful story of business and with his stories and funny comments made guests at the event laughing.

For EFnews he said:«I hope that today the meaning of entrepreneurship was presented to the future entrepreneurs and students. It is important that they lead themselves and their ideas, where they have to search advantages, which are cooperative to environment in which they live in. According on these advantages they have to build products and launch them on the domestic and foreign markets.”

»Family business gives company stability. «                                          

Brothers Filip and Jure Remškar, the representers of the second generation of the company SmartCom, were raised in the spirit of the family business and where they are now still staying. For EFnews Jure answered the question about the advantages and the nowadays situation of the family business:« Family business gives a company stability, which is based on the researches giving more attention on the environment and are more stable financially.  I hope that in the near future European Union will also start to support this important base of companies. In the future, Slovenian companies will face with the situation where there will be transit between first generation which in 90′s established companies and the second generation. In my opinion it would be welcomed if there some education institutions would have focused on the assuring the knowledge, which is needed by the entrepreneurs who are in family business.«

After the round table, guests of the third ALUMNI forum moved to the entrance hall. There they were enjoying and chatting at the glass of the wine.

 »It was really nice! Now I regret that I did not study at the Faculty of Economics «was Jure Remškar’s comment on the event.

At the end Klanšek said: «I am really happy that you are organizing such a events, keep on going! The participation was great; I was really pleased with the leadership of the Faculty of Economics and other guests of the round table. «

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Jana Drolc, EFnews

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