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»Problem as an oportunity«, Andrej Miklavc&ALUMNI

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»You can be sucessfull, when you have a reason for doing something.«


Alumni club at the Faculty of Economics organised a lecture on Wednesday, February 27th which was presented by Andrej Miklavc. Miklavc is a former top alpine skier  and is nowadays a sucesfull entrepreneur who is dealing with Speaking and Coaching. The lecture named »Highperformance: How to convert problems into oportunities?« was interactive; there was a nice and easygoing atmosphere in the hall.

»Every problem is an oportunity.« said Miklavc in the introduction and later emphasized how important it is to persist and take time for every goal which we want to reach. He compared the importance of persistance with the sport, which has presented him the meaning of life and he uses as an analogy for everyday and business life.

»You can be sucessfull, when you have a reason for doing something.« continued Miklavc and described the importance of being focused, which leads you to sucess. He  added, that athletes are the best example of people who are focusing  on their goal and do not react  on the unfavourable factors in the environment; consequencly they can reach their aims.

Miklavc continued by presenting how important is to follow our beliefs and said, »You have to believe in your own ability and follow it. Only that leads to sucess.« In the second part of the lecture Miklavc focused on how to make decisions and compared them with destiny. »We make decisions according to our criteria and conditions,« he added and emphasized the importance of ones positive attitude towards life, which determines what will be our final decision.

Guest closed his lecture with these words:« The problem is a question we don’t know the answer to, that is why guide our focus with a question. The result is that every problem presents us an oportunity.«

The event traditionally continued with relaxed socializing with a glass of wine.

Exclusive for EFnews Mikavc said: »I am glad that ALUMNI klub invited me to this project. I support the agility of the club at organising projects

Jana Drolc, EFnews

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