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“Slovaks get very offended if you mistake them for Slovenes. Ten years ago it was vice versa. “

On the 2nd of April Faculty of Economics Alumni Club and the Student stock market organized the 54th Seminar of Student Stock Market whose main focus was on: “The present and future state of the financial system in Slovenia”.

“Mercator has been in the process of selling nine times already. For that reason, the owners should make the final decision, to sell it or not. “

At the beginning of the event MSc. Saso Stanovnik from ALTA Group presented a weak macroeconomic projection of Slovenia while pointing out the following: “The Slovenian financial system is similar to the Spanish and not the Cypriot one and that is why we should pay attention very carefully to the further steps that may happen with Spain.” While we in Slovenia wait for the possible solutions from abroad, we also have to take some important decisions about our domestic economy; one of these is related to the sales of Mercator.

“Affordable interest rates are not a measure of trust …” PhD. France Arhar, director, The Bank Association of Slovenia

The precise analysis made by MSc. Bostjan Vasle, the director of UMAR, was followed by a round table debate. MSc. Bozo Jasovic, consultant of Gorenjska Banka, said: “The rehabilitation of the private sector is as important as one of the banks. We have to look at the other part of the coin as well.” All present experts from the financial world agreed with that statement, while MSc. Igor Stebernak, a board member of Abanka, critically added: “We have to bring the economy to such condition that entrepreneurs will be able to borrow the bank loans according to the European rates of standard.”

As we know, the decision of the bad bank has been implemented and for this purpose, it will be extremely important to solve as much of fresh capital as possible. MSc. Damjan Dolinar, a member of the board by UniCredit Bank, mixed it with a touch of optimism through a positive economic – bank cooperation case: “Banks are active and want to play an active role. A practical example where we have reached a good stage was Intereuropa, which is a successful story. “

So, how to attract foreign capital?

PhD. Drasko Veselinovic, CEO, GEA Collage: “It is very difficult if you don’t have an investor-friendly environment. It is necessary to negotiate with foreigners and sell what is possible. “

The following discussion was very relaxed with lots of humor, but I wonder only – why? Maybe because of the tragicomical situation in the economic and financial sector? Or unpromising balance sheet reports of the firms? The increasing unemployment rate? Or the youth who are seeking their carrier opportunities abroad?

Maybe the banker’s greed and tycoon’s management became so complex that it is almost impossible to find the solution and for that reason, it is always easier to distract future professionals and young economists through humor. But remember, laughing might be a dangerous thing.

Iskra Tanjga, EFnews

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