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21st Portorož Business Conference

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Business Conference (PKP) is an annual gathering of the business world, where numerous participants from various fields engage in networking and discussions about current events, relevant topics and best business practices.

Each year, the current generation of students of the IMB programme prepares an extended research project relevant to the theme of the conference, in collaboration with school’s top professors and researchers as well as outside collaborators from companies.

The 26th generation and their mentors prepared 15 articles concerning innovation, gathered in a book titled “Innovation Governance: Leading the Winners,” edited by Prof. Dr Polona Domadenik, Prof. Dr Matjaž Koman and Prof. Dr Tjaša Redek and presented by Thyme Nord, Vid Janša and Iva Drvarič. Divided into four main parts, the book takes a look at current global trends, company case studies, specific research devoted to Slovenia and policy recommendations.

Congratulations to the 26th generation as well as their mentors for excellent work, which will hopefully find its place in the processes of innovation, research and development.

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