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Lucija Sajevec and Jasmin Jerič on Leadership Style – IMB Management and Organization

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In already second week of studies, IMB students from the 28th generation had an opportunity to listen and learn from two very charismatic and new-age leaders – Lucija Sajevec, CEO of AMZS and Jasmin Jerič, Assistant Coach of FC Celje.

Even though that these two guests are coming from completely different spheres, the message of how to be a great leader was the same – listen, empower and show emotions.

Jasmin Jerič made a strong case of how football is not just a sport – coaches are exactly like CEOs of some SMEs and need to lead their team (of players) towards common goal – victory. Dealing with people in this “business” is of course unique and some different approaches need to be taken. Jasmin pointed out how effective and open communication, safe environment and emotions can be a key to efficiency and success.

Lucija Sajevec had on the other hand spoken how she tackled the transformation of one of the oldest organizations in Slovenia and how her charismatic leadership style helped her guide through it. Lucija emphasised the importance of sustainability, together with diversity and inclusion as a key to a better and healthier organization and society in general. She left the students with a breeze of new management style and really shown students how important it is to think with a fresh perspective.

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