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FM Guest Lecture | Peter Gašperšič

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Our third guest on one of the Financial Management lectures, was Peter Gašperšič, PhD, Member Of The Management Board at DARS d.d. (Slovenian company in charge of building, managing and maintaining the motorways and expressways of Slovenia) who shared some very important views on the topic of mobility and environmental challenges. Some of the most interesting facts are listed below:
  • For mobility we need energy, but we need to ask ourselves about the impact on the environment when choosing what kind and how much
  • We can see correlation between CO2 levels and global temperature, where both are sadly growing hand-in-hand
  • It can be said that we currently have the highest CO2 levels in the Earth’s history
  • UN Secretary General Guterres defined 3 interlinked environmental crises – climate disruption, biodiversity loss and pollution
  • If we limit temperature rise, we will consequently also limit use of fossil fuels
  • World Bank President Jim Yong Kim proposed that we need to put a price on carbon to reduce CO2 emissions and promote clean technologies
  • Electric cars are an obvious trend – when it comes to their energy efficiency it is 3 – 4x better than in cars with internal combustion engines
  • As an alternative, hydrogen fuel cells are a promising solution for heavy trucks, since long range use is possible
We thank Dr Gašperšič for all the knowledge he passed onto us and cannot wait to present him with our students’ findings.

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