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Neuromarketing – what happens when psychology meets marketing?

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From 23. May – 24. May 2022 a Guest lecturer and visiting Professor Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, who is A Head of Neuro Consulting Services (Optimal HR Group), Professor of Practice (University of York Europe Campus), Chief Vision Officer (Wellbeing.ai), TED Talk speaker and much more, visited us at the IMB-International Full Time Master Programme in Business and Organization in Ljubljana.

In a 2 day 6 hour long workshop he not only passed authentic theory (that lots of it he has written himself through books and articles) onto us, but also interacted with us throughout the whole workshop and even came up with a practical challenge for us to tackle with his mentorship.

“Two guys are walking down the street of Ljubljana. Let’s say me and Žiga.” Dr. Nikolaos started one of his amazing storytelling practical examples, that he then always with a marketing touch gently translated in the theory. With Žiga our schoolmate on the spotlight, which made the story even more intriguing, he continued “A sports car drives past us and makes a loud BANG with its exhaust!” he said and then continued “We notice it and while Žiga looks at the car, I jump away and hide like a scared kid!” concluded the story Dr. Nikolaos. Enthusiastically he quickly explained exactly which parts of the brain were activated and he made us understand the fictional backstory of him being in a war and not having the best experiences with loud BANGS. Moreover, he explained how similar processes are happening in the everyday life with us as consumers and brands on the other hand.

Dr. Nikolaos is also a strong believer in measuring consumer responses, as conventional approaches such as surveys often project the wrong image. Consumers often don’t know what we want is the reason. He showed us a lot of practical examples, explained the technology behind it and we also analyzed a couple of witty commercials.

These are only a few things that we discovered during this insightful workshop. The experience was delightful and even our biggest class critics approved it (which is kind of a big deal), with a big applause at the end.

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